Constant Negative Extrathoracic Pressure and Negative Pressure Ventilation devices developed with support from the Exovent team

The development of devices using Negative Pressure Ventilation is founded upon nearly 100 years of negative pressure utilisation and devices that are in contemporary use (e.g. ventilatory cuirasses). The targeted benefits of Negative Pressure Ventilation have matured through development. It has evolved from being a sufficient device in large numbers for the Polio pandemic to offering a uniquely beneficial ventilatory support option in the armoury of medics across the globe.

Whilst supporting the work that our international partners are doing the Exovent Team recognise that we may not be able to reach everyone around the world that needs access to negative pressure ventilation through our international partners. This is why we continue to look for donations so that the Exovent charity can support the costs associated with supporting others in the development of new devices.

The devices that Exovent support are non-invasive ventilatory support devices. They are designed to help the millions of patients worldwide that develop pneumonia and acute respiratory failure, such as the pneumonia associated with COVID-19.The Exovent Team support and promote the supply rapidly deployable alternative devices for patients not able to gain access to traditional positive pressure ventilators worldwide.

Details of the medical devices that utilises CNEP or NPV for ventilatory support can be found below.


Exovent-19 is a UK developed device which will be undertaking stringent clinical trials at Southampton University Hospital in the near future.

The research protocol has been agreed and the clinical trials will take place on both the Critical Care Unit and the Respiratory High Dependency Unit under the careful management of senior consultants and experienced nurses. These clinical trials will provide the necessary data to allow the Exovent-19 device to regulatory approval, MHRA in the UK and the MDR approval process of Europe.

We will also gain a CE marking and will have achieved this in the shortest possible time.


Steer Energy has been a keen supporter of Exovent Charity since its' outset in March 2020.

Individuals from Steer Energy have helped produce early proof of concept devices, supported Pioneer groups worldwide, and developed the unit's core theory.

With assistance from the Exovent Charity, Steer Energy has now applied for an Innovate UK scheme to fund the development of a low-cost Exovent model, providing ventilators for those that don't have access to hospitals and intensive care units.