For Patients


To understand how the use of Negative Pressure Ventilation (NPV) delivers the benefits of non-invasive ventilation it is important to first understand the patient pathway options for the treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) with ventilation, or auxiliary oxygen.


Listen to those who have experienced CNEP and NPV.

How the Exovent NPV system helps with breathing.

The following videos were recorded during the "healthy human trial" using the development prototypes of the Exovent-19 NPV system. The over-riding impression is that all participants of the trial found this to be a non-intrusive and pleasant experience.

NPV helped participants with their breathing and they found it to be comfortable and relaxing. Essentially, the Exovent machine was doing their breathing for them. One participant even commented that breathing was more comfortable than when they're breathing sat on the couch!

Being in an Exovent device

In this video our 'patients' comment on how it feels to be in the device allowing it to breath for them. When in the Exovent machine, it is possible to have discussions and talking is very easy. If a participant of the 'healthy human trial" needed some assistance from a nurse then it was just a matter of calling them over.

Eating and drinking is not a problem once in the Exovent machine. Participants were able to take refreshments very easily and one patient mentions that sleeping should also be very comfortable.


Advice for patients

One of the participants said of the Exovent machine that 'You are completely in control..' whilst being ventilated. Once the participant relaxes they find the system does their breathing for them.

On being asked if they would use and/or recommend to their family and friends, they were unanimous in their support for the Exovent NPV system