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Exovent development old technology

Qatari Radio interview with exovent

The discussion on BBC Radio with the Qatari team can be found here.

Translation into English is below:-

Could you give us an idea how this respirator works? We are trying to build a machine that supports the respiratory system …

Exovent development old technology

Introducing Dr Patrick Finlay

I’m a mechanical engineer and my professional life has mostly been spent in developing robots for surgery.  Ian Joesbury, whom I knew through our work together as trustees of the IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers), asked if I’d be interested …

Exovent development old technology

Eat, drink, sleep, breathe AND TALK


On my birthday last summer, I had a video call with my mother several hundred miles away and my brother who lives in France. As we laughed and joked in the sunshine, I had no idea that would be …

How I got involved with exovent – by Ian Joesbury

I first heard about exovent during lockdown in early April last year. Out of the blue I had a call from Claire Davidson, a great friend from DRD Partnership asking if I would be interested in getting involved with exovent. …

The evolution of respiratory care:- Norma MT Braun, MD, FACP, FCCP Clinical Professor of Medicine

The following details by Norma MT Braun, MD, FACP, FCCP Clinical Professor of Medicine provide a capsule of  the evolution of respiratory care over the 20th century:-

Negative Pressure ventilation – the Iron Lung – instituted for Post-Polio patients, first

PRESS RELEASE – 20th January 2021



20th January 2021

British taskforce unveils UK negative pressure ventilator to assist recovery of COVID-19 patients and for use in the treatment of Pneumonia and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

As the UK feels the impact of …

The University Hospital Southampton Team

The Exovent team were extremely fortunate to be able to link up with the highly respected Critical Care team of the University Hospital Southampton in May 2020. They have already received our first Exovent device and we are working together …

Videos of people using the Exovent systems

Take a look at the videos on the page here that we have showing people’s experiences of use the Exovent system. This feedback comes from people of all ages and backgrounds who have used the system. It is interesting to …

What are CNEP and NPV ?

Take a look here for more information about (CNEP) continuous negative extrathoracic pressure and (NPV) Negative Pressure Ventilation.…

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Welcome to our Exovent Blog. We welcome your input and comments around the exciting developments that are happening with Exovent.…

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